Fun Activities to Relax and De-stress at Home

I don’t know if you feel the same, but I can tell when I’m stressed. My shoulders tighten up and fuse with mine, my digestion becomes erratic, and I am a joy to be around. Although stress looks different for everyone, it is usually a version of your brain or body that is trying to counter all the things you are trying to manage. What can we do to reduce stress? Not to stress you further, but both acute and chronic stress can have adverse effects on our health and lead to us engaging in unwise escapist behaviors. To get more fun ideas on how to manage stress, visit

Point Your Brain at a Problem

puzzleIf stress is more mental than physical and your mind keeps looping, assign yourself a task such as organizing your shoes or solving a word puzzle. Your brain might be telling you that your stress is causing it to spin, so give yourself a task. This is a great time to get your mind engaged. You’ll feel calmer and better equipped to handle what’s stressing you.

Try Knitting

Assuming you like crafting (emphasizes some people are overwhelmed by the mere thought!), There is evidence repetitive clicking of needles can be very meditative, and even calming. There are also some other benefits. The study looked at women suffering from anxiety and eating disorders. It found that knitting helped them to be less anxious. These are some helpful tips for beginners. We Are Knitters also offers beginner kits.


You don’t have to have any skill at art to just let your pen have its way with the page, or even easier, pick up a coloring book for adults. Anything that can help you get out of your head and if you like it can be a stress reliever. The stakes of drawing are low if you don’t focus on the quality.

Dance like No One Is Looking

singingPutting on your favorite playlist and letting loose is, of course, good exercise, which is a Long-studied stress-reliever. It also stimulates the mind and gives rise to feelings of inspiration. You can also make positive memories by dancing to music from a happy place and time in your life. This will help you relax and take your mind off of stress. There is one caveat.

Not everyone can dance solo. Some people feel stressed when they feel pressured to do something, so do what you feel comfortable doing.…